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Home News Hollywood Movies Nine Guadalajara-bound European Movies Get Financial Fillip for Trip to Mexico

Nine Guadalajara-bound European Movies Get Financial Fillip for Trip to Mexico

By FNN | February 28, 2012, 6:28pm IST
Summary: Geoffrey Enthoven’s "Come as You Are" (Hasta la vista), "Crulic - The Path to Beyond" by Anca Damian and Björn Runge’s "Happy End" on film sales support roster.

LONDON - Films from Belgium, Romania, Sweden and Greece are among ninie European films to garner cash support to attend Guadalajara's International Film Festival next month.

The support comes from the trade body European Film Promotion's Film Sales Support program, whereby European sales agents travel with a cash subsidy to prop up efforts with materials, stands and such.

The FSS program is entering its ninth year with the continuous support of the European Union's MEDIA Program.

Among the films supported is Belgian Geoffrey Enthoven's Come as You Are (Hasta la vista), Crulic - The Path to Beyond by Anca Damian from Spain and Swede Björn Runge's Happy End.

The 27th edition of Guadalajara's International Film Festival runs March 2-10.

Greek Filipos Tsitos' Unfair World and Happy End are part of Europa Nuevas Tendencias, a special section of films which have previously unspooled during the San Sebastián International Film Festival in 2011.

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