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Hollywood's Funny Tweets About L.A. Earth Quake

By FNN | March 12, 2013, 1:48pm IST
Summary: Paula Abdul, Stacy Francis and others tweeted about the 4.7 quake that rolled through Southern California on Monday.

NFL player Zoltan Mesko: "I show up in LA and already an earthquake... sorry, didn't know I couldn't drop the dumbbells in the gym."

Russian model Anne V‏: "Just survived my first Californian 5.2 earthquake. It was kinda fun."

Emmy-award winning video editor Berto Kahlo had one of the funniest Tweets of the day: “Take that Harlem! How do u like THAT shake?”

Other celebrities reached out to their fans to check in after they felt the quake:

Adam Shankman‏: "Oh no way! It was a real friggin earthquake! It was 5.2! Is everyone ok?"

Paula Abdul: "Who felt the #earthquake? Hope you, your friends, and family are all fine. Sending love! xoP"

Actress Jillian Murray: "‏Did anyone else get freaked out by the earthquake this morning?"

Michael Bearden, musical director for Michael Jackson's This Is It: "OK. Just felt that #earthquake. Been in LA a long time. Not sure you ever get used to these. Baby one? Perhaps. Still gets ur attention!"

Others didn’t feel it at all, but were quick to chime in on Twitter:

Singer Stacy Francis: "Seriously I didn't even feel the #earthquake .. ugh the media is so dramatic.

Singer Michelle Branch: "Am I the only one oblivious to the earthquake that just happened? Didn't feel a thing."

Ugly Betty actor David Blue: "I only ever find out there was an earthquake by my parents texting to see if I'm okay."

Tennis star Anastasia Rodionova: "Apparently we just had an earthquake 5.2.... I didn't feel it at all and everyone around were running around and panicking... Hmmm"

While tennis star Rodionova didn't feel the quake, many athletes in Palm Springs for the BNP Paribas Open did. The Tennis Channel was even filming during the quake (see the video below.)

Former tennis player Annabel Croft: "The earth moved this morning in Indian Wells! Just experienced an earthquake measuring 4.7! No cracks in centre court though!"

Australian tennis player Matt Ebden:  "Nothing like an #earthquake in the morning? Hmmm 5.2. whole room shaking around.... really does show you how small you are on this earth."

Watch the Tennis Channel's clip below.

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