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Passionate. Responsive. Connected.

Tap into the Funrahi audience.

Funrahi.com reaches millions of users around the world in their favorite category. With the Funrahi Network, you can reach the Funrahi audience, the world’s most engaged, influential and loyal consumers. This audience:

  • Spends, on average, 37 minutes per day on Funrahi
  • Engages with Funrahi for an average of 1 minute 7 seconds per visit

Each ad is shown only to the audience you want to reach, in the sections they love and use the most. Our highly-effective targeting leverages unique interest and preference data that taps into user passions that are relevant for your brand. Whether they are reading the news, watching a trailer or checking the local showtimes, your ad will make an impact.

Engage. Entertain. Inform.

Every brand has a great story to tell.

Funrahi campaigns combine the storytelling power of TV with the engagement and utility of digital for something entirely new. You can now create ads that captivate your audience wherever they are, within their favorite sections.

Data. Insight. Knowledge.

Gain understanding beyond impressions.

Funrahi campaign reporting goes far beyond the standard measurements of exposure and clicks. You get in-depth information throughout the course of your campaign, including average time spent, pages viewed and unique visitor metrics.We continually optimize your Ad targeting so that your ad performs for your goals throughout your campaign. In addition, a complete wrap-up report provides key insights into user engagement, performance and best practices based on overall network results. By understanding how users are engaging with your ad, you can learn new things about your audience to hone your marketing strategy.

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