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Home News Hollywood Daily Celine Sallette and Raphael Personnaz Most Promising Actors of French Cinema

Celine Sallette and Raphael Personnaz Most Promising Actors of French Cinema

By FNN | March 12, 2013, 3:32pm IST
Summary: Celine Sallette and Raphael Personnaz were bestowed with the title 'Future of French Cinema' at a ceremony on monday night in paris.

PARIS: Celine Sallette and Raphael Personnaz were recognized as the most promising actors of French cinema with the twin prizes of Romy Schneider and Patrick Dewaere bestowed on them at an intimate ceremony on Monday night.

“Patrick Dewaere is one of my favorite actors, so to have a prize with his name is really moving for me,” Personnaz said in a statement. “I really admire his career being able to move from comedy to drama and he has been an example for me, so I take this as a little bit of encouragement in my career.  I will still hope to be an actor when I’m 80, if I reach it.”

Sallette, in Giambattista Valli, said she hoped the award would create new opportunities for her.

History of Twin Awards

Established in 1981, the awards are handed out annually to two young actors who are thought to represent France’s most promising new talent by a jury of critics and journalists, and are named in honor of the late French screen legends.

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