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Home News Hollywood Movies Amanda Tapping Finds 'Random Acts of Romance'

Amanda Tapping Finds 'Random Acts of Romance'

By FNN | February 1, 2012, 11:56pm IST
Summary: The "Sanctuary" star toplines the Canadian theatrical comedy by writer/director Katrin Bowen, now shooting in Vancouver.

Amanda Tapping Finds 'Random Acts of Romance'

TORONTO - Sanctuary's Amanda Tapping is headlining Random Acts of Romance, the steamy theatrical comedy from Canadian indie director Katrin Bowen.

Tapping is also joined in the indie feature by Katherine Isabelle, Robert Moloney, Laura Bertram, Zak Santiago, Ted Whittall and Sonja Bennett.

Tapping plays a teacher supporting a former student (Santiago) and lover who has never grown up.

Bowen is shooting Random Acts of Romance, her second theatrical feature after the 2010 film Amazon Falls, in Vancouver through February 17.

She wrote the screepnplay with Jillian Mannion and Kevin McComiskie.

The executive producer credits are shared by Avi Federgreen and Lindsay Macadam.

Bowen and Darren Reiter of Purple Productions are producing.

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