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Music Choice Rebrands With New Name, Logo

By FNN | February 1, 2012, 6:44pm IST
Summary: The music and video network, which reaches more than 50 million households through partnerships with leading U.S. cable providers, will now be known as MC.

Music Choice Rebrands With New Name, Logo

Music and video platform Music Choice is adapting a new brand strategy complete with a new name and logo.

Starting Jan. 31, the service which boasts 45 audio channels in every genre and reaches 52 million households, will be known as MC. Its on demand and 24-hour interactive video music network will also rebrand under the tagline "Living Music." The brand strategy was created by the firm of Siegel + Gale.

Says Christina Tancredi, COO of Music Choice, in an announcement: "MC symbolizes the role music plays in our lives, not just what format to listen to. It is about the emotional connection consumers want to their favorite artists... This year we plan to roll out more product features that will allow consumers to enjoy music not only on their TV, but wherever they go."

MC is a partnership among subsidiaries of Microsoft, Motorola, Sony and EMI Music along with several leading U.S. cable providers including Comcast, Cox and Time Warner.

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