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Home News Hollywood Industry Disney Signs Multi-Year Package Deal With Germany's RTL

Disney Signs Multi-Year Package Deal With Germany's RTL

By FNN | February 2, 2012, 12:08am IST
Summary: Marvel Studios' "The Avengers" and Pixar's "The Brave" and are among the top titles in the agreement.

Disney Signs Multi-Year Package Deal With Germany's RTL

COLOGNE, Germany - Walt Disney Company has signed a multi-year package deal with leading German broadcaster RTL Deutschland that will give RTL free TV rights to Disney, Pixar, Marvel Studios and DreamWorks titles from 2012 on.

The deal includes tentpoles such as Pixar's Scottish-themed animated feature The Brave, Marvel's The Avengers and the sci-fi epic John Carter starring Taylor Kitsch.

Disney's RTL package also includes multiple TV series, among them ABC's hit fantasy skein Once Upon A Time.

The Disney deal further strengthens RTL's library of Hollywood films and U.S. series. The network, which owns or operates five free-to-air and three pay TV channels in Germany, has similar multi-year deals with Warner Bros., NBC Universal and France's Studiocanal.

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