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Home News Hollywood Industry 'Lincoln', 'Breaking Bad' Win Camera Operators Awards

'Lincoln', 'Breaking Bad' Win Camera Operators Awards

By FNN | March 11, 2013, 12:00am IST

Society of Camera Operators Lifetime Achievement Awards

The event was held Saturday at the Television Academy’s Leonard Goldenson Theatre.

Mitch Dubin was awarded as Feature Camera Operator of The Year for his work in Lincoln.

Andrew Voegeli was awarded as Camera Operator of The Year in Television

He topped a field of nominees that included Nick Davidoff for Homeland, Tony Gaudioz for House, Jeff Muhlstock for Smash, and Chris Murphy for Newsroom.

In the feature competition, Dubin was nominated alongside Colin Anderson for The Master, Lukasz Bielan for Life of Pi, Duane C. Manwiller for The Hunger Games, and Peter Robertson for Anna Karenina.

Peter Robertson was separately honored with the SOC’s Historic Shot Award for the Dunkirk Beach scene in Atonement, which featured his memorable five-minute Steadicam shot.

Penny Marshall received the SOC’s Governors Award, and Kyra Sedgwick was honored with the President’s Award, both for lifetime achievement.

Lifetime Achievement Awards were also presented to:

Camera Operator Bruce MacCallum (The Adjustment Bureau, Julie and Julia. The Departed)

Camera Technician Baird Steptoe (Thor, The Manchurian Candidate, Footloose)

Still Photographer Melissa Moseley (Inception, 3:10 to Yuma, The Notebook)

Mobile Camera Platform Operator Brad Rea (Gangster Squad, Iron Man, Thelma and Louise)

Woody Omens was this year’s recipient of the Lifetime of Distinguished Service Award.

Technical Achievement Awards were presented to Canon for its Cinema EOS C300 and C500 cameras and David Eubank for the pCam film+digital calculator.

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