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Home News Bollywood Industry Bejoy Nambiar wants SRK for David

Bejoy Nambiar wants SRK for David

By FNN | February 16, 2012, 2:37pm IST
It started as a Hindi film. But now Shaitan director Bejoy Nambiar's David is a Hindi-Tamil bi-lingual, thanks to the presence of Tamil superstar Vikram in the cast, and the absence of an A-lister leading man at least so far.

According to sources, Bejoy is eager to rope in Shah Rukh Khan to play one of the Davids. The other two Davids will be played by Tamil stars, one of them being of course Vikram with whom Bejoy is currently shooting in Mangalore.

Says a source, "The linguistic fate of David hangs entirely on Shah Rukh's nod. If he agrees to be part of the project playing one of the three Davids in Bejoy Nambiar's film, then the project will be made in Hindi. Otherwise the film will be made only in Tamil to cash in on Vikram's huge market there."

When contacted, Sanjeev Lamba - the CEO of Reliance said, "David is now being made in Hindi and Tamil, as a bi-lingual with a third dubbed version in Telugu. Vikram is the only actor who is on at the moment. We're looking at another major Tamil star." Lamba, however, remained tightlipped about the Hindi version and the Bollywood star expected to be roped.

What tilts the scale in the project's favour vis-a-vis Shah Rukh Khan is the fact that the superstar Khan has seen and loved Nambiar's Shaitan. He apparently expressed interest in Nambiar's work.

"That's how and when SRK came into the picture. Moreover, the film will require just 10 days of Shah Rukh's busy schedule, since he will be part of only one of the three segments of David," says our source.

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