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Home News Bollywood Industry SRK: I want to see Suhana posing for magazines!

SRK: I want to see Suhana posing for magazines!

By FNN | March 8, 2013, 3:59pm IST

An actor's life is never easy. With the unending adulations from fans, every actor has to face his or her fair share of brickbats from critics as well. And who knows it better than Shah Rukh Khan.

Incidentally, SRK wants his daughter Suhana to follow his footsteps and become an actress.

At an event, the actor says, "Of course I want her to act. I want to see her posing for magazines and doing interviews. I also want to read about gossip and spicy stories about her."

When asked about whether she's interested in films, he said, "I can make even microphones act in front of me! So you can imagine what kind of talent she has."

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