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Home News Bollywood Industry "Why drag SRK into this?" - Abhinav Kashyap

"Why drag SRK into this?" - Abhinav Kashyap

By FNN | March 8, 2011, 3:57pm IST
Everyone knows that Arbaaz Khan and Abhinav Kashyap have parted ways and that Abhinay won't be directing DABANGG 2. Arbaaz will. In fact, Arbaaz has already tweeted about it and made the official announcement as well. But the 'split' wasn't bitter. "I had to take a call, whether to go ahead with the sequel or not. I chose not to," Abhinav tells me. Why? "There was too much pressure. I wouldn't like to divulge details, but there are no bitter feelings. I spoke to him [Arbaaz] after he tweeted. I spoke to him this morning again. I wish him well." But opting out on a film that he was so excited about must've been heartbreaking. "But one has to move on in life. You can't keep on making the same film or attempting a similar genre all your life," he adds quickly. There's talk that Abhinav decided to branch out because there's a project with SRK in the offing. "I would love to work with SRK. Who wouldn't? Yes, we did meet once, but it's not that we kept meeting after that. Why drag him into all this? I am still working on the script of my next film and only after it gets completed will I decide on its casting," Abhinav divulges. In the interim period, Abhinav is making four ad films with Aamir Khan. "I've already shot one. Really enjoyed the experience. I am also doing an ad with Sanju," he states.

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