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Home News Bollywood Industry Abhinav Kashyap's next to be shot in Australia

Abhinav Kashyap's next to be shot in Australia

By FNN | March 31, 2011, 6:36pm IST
The Australian Film Initiative's first event in India ends on a high note as Viacom 18 Motion Pictures becomes the first Indian film corporate to tap into Australian film industry with Abhinav Kashyap's next film, while Australia's ace director announces his next thriller to be shot completely in India. The announcements were made at a lunch hosted by An Australian Film Initiative with the Australian Consul General as the chief guest supporting these important developments between Indian and Australian film industries and welcoming Viacom18 Motion Picture's decision to partner with Australian Film Company. At the end of the inaugural, Australian Film Festival and Film Seminars, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures formally announced that through Abhinav's film, it will formally start collaborations with Australia with long term aims to utilize funding and grants from Australia and investment into Indo-Australian projects. Viacom 18 Motion Pictures was a key industry supporter for An Australian Film Initiative's festival in Mumbai. Viacom 18 Motion Pictures' forthcoming film with Abhinav Kashyap as director, and tentatively titled Project 18, will be principally shot in Australia and structured to receive maximum benefits from Australia. Australia's award winning production company Temple will be the Australian production company for Viacom 18 Motion Pictures for this and other slate of projects. From Australia, renowned Australian director Bill Bennett's has decided to film his next thriller completely in India. Famous for his films like Kiss or Kill, Two If By Sea among others, Bill is producing his film with Anupam Sharma, Sydney based filmmaker and Australia's leading expert on Indian cinema. Abhinav Kashyap AAFI's objective by supporting these two pioneering announcements is to provide growth impetus to film trade between the two great countries and provide both filmmakers the best facilities in either country. Viacom18 Motion Pictures has partnered the AAFI to support this initiative and is obviously thrilled that they are the first corporate from India to trigger a long term relationship with Australian film industry for collaboration and co production through Abhinav's film. After 2010's biggest hit Dabanng, Abhinav's film with Viacom18 Motion Pictures is his next directorial venture and he is presently busy scripting the same. Speaking at the function Abhinav said, "I am extremely delighted and honored that my Project 18 is being shot in Australia which provides me rich spectrum of locations, crew, and other benefits. Cinema has a huge potential, I am sure with Project 18 we will strike a chord. Indian Cinema is diverse and rich in its own way to collaborate with another country to encourage knowledge and promote harmony. It is a commendable initiative which will be a huge milestone in Indian Cinema. I am glad Viacom 18 Motion Pictures & Temple have collaborated on Project 18." Pleased with a good turnout at his retrospective at the film festival and announcing his film Bill Bennett said, "I am excited to direct a film in India, a country which known for its diverse culture and heritage. I feel the reason why Indian Cinema is reaching new heights every passing day is because the films made in India have a different vision, a different storytelling method and a different mindset. I have come to India with an aim to give the global audience not just a film but an experience. I also welcome Viacom's decision to bring Abhinav's film to Australia. We will ensure that he has a warm welcome in our country." Mr. Vikram Malhotra, COO Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, "Viacom18 Motion Pictures is proud to partner with Temple in developing co-operation between India and Australia in the film production sphere. We are delighted that our forthcoming film, directed by the talented Abhinav Kashyap, will benefit from an extremely film friendly Australia. I am confident that Abhinav, who set the box office ablaze with his first film in 2010, will create a worthy film that will win the hearts of millions of fans in both countries. I look forward to working closely with AAFI in the course of developing stronger links with Australia."

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