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Home News Bollywood Industry SRK's company charged Anubhav Sinha just a rupee for their services

SRK's company charged Anubhav Sinha just a rupee for their services

By Mid-Day | May 2, 2013, 2:56pm IST
Summary: Anubhav Sinha recently launched his production house and he got some help from close friends including Shah Rukh Khan who did animation for his company logo and charged him only Rs. 1 for it.

Other fiends Vishal and Shekhar composed the music for free. Anubhav had directed SRK's Ra.One in 2011.

When contacted Anubhav says, "Yes, SRK's company did the animation and visual effects for the logo of my company. When I asked him about the money he said he will not do it for free and will charge me R 1. Earlier, it was designed by my friend Jeetendra Singh Baoni and even he didn't charge me anything."

The director-producer further says, "This is a company for friends and I believe in giving and seeking love from them. In fact, Harry and Ketan from SRK's company gave me this whole idea of Shiva, the damroo and the trishul. It is very beautiful."

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