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Home News Bollywood Industry SRK to be the Brand Ambassador for 'Royal Stag'

SRK to be the Brand Ambassador for 'Royal Stag'

By FNN | February 16, 2012, 8:09pm IST
He may be the reigning Khan of Bollywood, but Shah Rukh Khan is man that all brands are looking to rope in not just for his ardent fan following but also for the name and image that is associated with him. Funrahi has learnt that alcohol major Pernod Ricard will be roping in SRK as their brand ambassador.

Shah Rukh will be accompanying Saif Ali Khan as the brand ambassador for Royal Stag. It is further learnt that SRK who has been signed on for a one year period will be seen working in tandem with Saif to promote the brand. However, financial details of the deal are being kept under wraps.

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