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Home News Bollywood Industry No show for Soha Ali Khan?

No show for Soha Ali Khan?

By FNN | February 16, 2012, 7:52pm IST

No show for Soha Ali Khan?Sources say Shreyas Talpade's maiden production that was to star the actress might never be completed

Shreyas Talpade's plans to make a foray into Hindi films as producer with Chemistry is not happening. The rom-com featuring Soha Ali Khan and Tanishaa along with him in the cast went on the floors two years ago.

Shreyas Talpade and Soha Ali Khan on the sets of Chemistry

Shreyas began thinking of Chemistry while shooting for Golmaal 3. During breaks, he would often relate his production plans to his co-star and Soha's beau Kunal Khemu. Buzz at that time was that Soha landed the role due to Shreyas's friendliness with Kunal.

The actor floated his production banner and made the Marathi film Sanai Chaughade in 2008 that was backed by Subhash Ghai. As he was keen to produce a Hindi film as well, he decided to produce Chemistry along with Ajay Jhunjhunwala.

Conflicting visions

Says a source, "The film's shoot is incomplete. It has been bogged down by several issues including financial reasons. Moreover, Shreyas had his own vision for the project that did not match with the co-producer. His behaviour was termed meddlesome and demanding."

Sorting it out

Admits Shreyas, "Yes, there have been certain issues thanks to my financing partner. But things are getting sorted and the film should be out soon."

Chemistry marks the directorial debut of writer Sai Kabir who has penned Lamhaa and Kismet Konnection. The film is a romantic comedy about the chemistry between a girl with high ambitions and the boy-next-door who has a penchant for kulfis.

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