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Home News Bollywood Industry Did Deepika BOOT Anushka from Ayaan's Film?

Did Deepika BOOT Anushka from Ayaan's Film?

By FNN | February 16, 2012, 7:51pm IST

Did Deepika BOOT Anushka from Ayaan's Film?Buzz is Anushka Sharma was dropped from 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani' as the makers roped in Deepika Padukone for her higher star quotient

Did Deepika BOOT Anushka from Ayaan's Film?She had been dreaming of starring opposite Ranbir Kapoor since over a year.

Did Deepika BOOT Anushka from Ayaan's Film?But unfortunately Anushka Sharma's wish to work with Bollywood's current rockstar will have to wait a while. This after the actress was almost signed on for Ayaan Mukerji's next, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.

Did Deepika BOOT Anushka from Ayaan's Film?We've learnt that apart from Katrina Kaif, it was Anushka Sharma who was in the running for the role, but was suddenly dropped after Deepika Padukone gave the nod for it.

Did Deepika BOOT Anushka from Ayaan's Film?Says a source, "Anushka has been wanting to work with Ranbir since forever. The role in Ayaan's film suits her personality and it would have been a fresh jodi.

Anushka was approached after there were some date issues with both Deepika and Katrina. However, once Deepika said yes, everyone thought she would be a better choice."

Rumour mills buzzing

Apparently it was a project Anushka was really looking forward to considering she has never shied away from expressing her feelings for the Kapoor lad. During a press conference in early 2011 Anushka even confessed saying, "I would love to date Ranbir. He is such a cute guy." It was during this time that rumours about Ranbir and the actress spending a lot of time together started doing the rounds.

The ex-files

Adds the source, "The two had gotten pretty close for a while and there were numerous speculations about how they will soon star together. It was during that time the discussion about Ayaan's film came up. However, Deepika is a bigger star and with Ranbir and Deepika's history, there is a lot more interest generated among the audience."

One's loss is another's gain

Sadly this has apparently created an uncomfortable equation between Anushka and Ranbir. "There was a time they'd meet during parties, but now they hardly talk. Even during recent award ceremonies they haven't been seen greeting each other."

Well looks like Anushka's loss is Deepika's gain, considering she not just has a big film in her kitty, but also gets an opportunity to bond with her ex! Both Anushka Sharma and Ayaan Mukerji were unavailable for comment.

Kicked out for a bigger star

Mahie Gillwas apparently the first choice for Tanu Weds Manu. However, once Kangna Ranaut came on board, Mahie was no longer part of the film.

Ek Challis Ki Last Local was supposed to star Ashish Chowdhary in the lead role. However, he lost out to Abhay Deol.

Apparently, Arjun Rampal (who was lesser known back then) was supposed to play the role of South star Siddharth in Rang De Basanti. But buzz is that Aamir wasn't convinced about Arjun pulling off the role of Bhagat Singh in the film.

Abhinav Kashyap was initially considering Sonu Sood for the lead role in Dabangg. But Arbaaz and Salman loved the script so much that Sonu was then cast as the villain.

South star Prakaash Raj who has been gaining a lot of accolades post Singham replaced Sonu Sood in Dabangg 2

Neha Dhupia replaced Lagaan heroine Gracy Singh in Ajay Devgn's film Qayamat.

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