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Home News Bollywood Industry Ramesh S Taurani files case against Deepika Padukone

Ramesh S Taurani files case against Deepika Padukone

By FNN | February 12, 2012, 1:05pm IST
Producer Ramesh S Taurani of Tips, who was miffed with Deepika Padukone post her last minute exit from his ambitious thriller Race 2, was prompt to take action against the actress.

Deepika's impromptu exit from the film after having shot for a week upon being offered a Hollywood project, hasn't gone down well with the producer, who on Thursday filed a complaint with the CINTAA (Cine & TV Artistes Association) and the Association of Motion Pictures & TV Programme Producer of India (AMPTPP).

The fact that just after her exit from Race 2, Deepika announced that she would be doing Rajinikanth's next film Kochadaiyaan was like rubbing salt on Taurani's wounds.

CINTAA was quick to inform the actress about the complaint filed in her name by the filmmaker. Citing her unavailability to not having dates and being over-committed to other projects, the actress also seemed indifferent to the developments after having left the film in the lurch.

As per procedural norms, if an artist fails to respond to a complaint or grievance, the case then passes onto the FWICE (Federation of Western India Cine Employees). If still not

addressed, the artist is then liable to face a NCD (Non-Cooperation Directive).

Explains senior producer Pahlaj Nihalani said, "If Taurani has filed a complaint against Deepika, she will have to honour the dates which she had allotted to him. If she has given the same dates to any other producer, she cannot shoot for the other project"

Says an upset Ramesh S Taurani "I have been a part of the Hindi cinema industry for 25 years. I have made several blockbusters. But I have never faced a situation like this before. Our directors and the other actors are extremely annoyed with her. Tips as a company in its last 25 years has never had a dispute with anyone in this industry, there

is no single case in the association which involves us."

Produced by Tips, director duo Abbas-Mustan's Race 2 was scheduled for a November release.

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