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Home News Bollywood Industry Percept Pictures to release film without title

Percept Pictures to release film without title

By FNN | February 2, 2012, 2:45pm IST
Percept Pictures, in its bid to promote young differential talent, has picked up the work of two youngsters Yash Dave and Allison Patel, who have come to them with "found footage".

Since the visual is unusual in format making one wonder if this footage is real or not, Percept Pictures has come up with a novel concept. The film will have no title. It is merely called '?'

Says Yusuf Shaikh, Head - Distribution, Acquisition and IPR, Percept Pictures, "The film is an enigma... it is for us, footage found. Hence, we decided to simply let it be what it is... a Question Mark."

The first look of the film will be unveiled at Simpuls, the popular Symbiosis College fest, thereby having a direct connect with the target youth segment.

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