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Home News Bollywood Industry Yash Raj Films to distribute Jodi Breakers in overseas

Yash Raj Films to distribute Jodi Breakers in overseas

By FNN | February 2, 2012, 2:51pm IST
Makers of Jodi Breakers are ecstatic. This unassuming film has been picked up by none less than Yash Raj Films for distribution in overseas market, hence opening wider avenues for it to make its presence felt in a much wider manner.

"The film's promos and songs have done the trick", informs a source, "The film was in news during its making but the floodgates have opened all of a sudden with both talkie as well as song promos catching the eye of the viewer. There was a glimpse of what was in the offering during the First Look release itself but the curiosity has started gaining momentum on a rapid note. Bipasha's namesake item number further ignited good heat for the film."

Resultantly, while audience is waiting to check out what this Ashwini Chaudhary directed film is all about, there is a lot more to look forward to for the makers who are now eyeing international markets as well.

"Yash Raj Films has been gracious enough to pick Jodi Breakers for overseas distribution", says a source close to the makers of Jodi Breakers, "Otherwise they don't distribute too many films other than their own in the foreign market. With them backing Jodi Breakers, the film would now release across big markets like USA, UK, UAE as well as other 10-12 countries. We should really gain from this exposure."

What has also helped this Prasar Visions production is the presence of Madhavan as the leading man.

"He proved his mettle as a solo hero in Bollywood as well with Tanu Weds Manu last year'. Now that has only proved to be a cherry on the cake since in overseas he has a very good following, courtesy his Tamil films. His latest release Vettai has done terrific business outside India as well and the makers of Jodi Breakers have no qualms in taking advantage of his popularity there", the source adds, "It was just natural that the film continues from where Vettai left and Yash Raj Films too was glad to come on board."

Says Ashwini, "Every director wants his film to get maximum exposure and I guess this development is pretty much redemption of sorts for me. From Dhoop to now, I have waited for eight years to see a film of mine get promoted, marketed and released well. Thankfully Jodi Breakers has managed to gain a right platform for itself."

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