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Sunburn - Now on the Big Screen

By FNN | February 28, 2012, 12:35pm IST
Seven directors join hands to put together a first of its kind feature film on the music festival

It's a festival that has become a cult in more ways than one and now will be reprised on the big screen by a bunch of indie filmmakers.

Stories from the Sunburn music fest (that has emerged as India's biggest music event) will now be retold by directors in their own distinctive style.

An initiative spearheaded by Vikas Bahl of Phantom films, the movie will be part real and part fiction and has been shot at the recently concluded festival in December.

Says Vikas, "The most important part is that seven short films have been weaved together to make one interesting plot."

Music and more

The seven names comprise of some very imminent writers/filmmakers who have been working on Indian and international, fiction and documentary ventures in their own capacity.

Vikas Bahl

It includes Kaushik Mukherjee (Q) of Gandu fame, Mozez Singh (who line produced A Mighty Heart), Shlok Sharma, Vasan Bala, Rahi Anil Barve, Rukhsana Tabassum and Jason Taylor.

A films-within-a-film concept is unique, at least for the Indian cinema space. And for the artistes involved in this one, Sunburn was the perfect platform to explore their stories.

When fact meets fiction

Says Vasan Bala, "My story is based on the behind the scenes of a film crew, trying to make a film at Sunburn. The festival itself is a cinematographer's delight, so the challenge for me is to break the visual and make it look 'real.'" Not everything is perfect at the festival and the films try to stick to that reality.

At the Sunburn music festival

"Not everything's pretty about Sunburn, and I've tried and incorporated insecurities about a filmmaker at such a venue." The film, which was apparently first conceptualised as a documentary about the fest, has now taken shape into something a lot more innovative.

Adds Kaushik whose film primarily develops as a road trip from Kolkata to Goa, "Like my other work, this one also straddles between fiction and reality. There are elements of suspense in the film, which is a kind of homage to new wave cinema. The festival is the destination and dream of the road trip."

From musicians realising their dream to people finding love, these films have captured some of the most magical moments of a festival that attracts an audience of over a lakh. So if you're a fan of electronica this one's for you and if you're not, then this has more than just music to entertain you.

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