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Home News Bollywood Industry CCI Scores A Landmark Win For Producers And Distributors In India

CCI Scores A Landmark Win For Producers And Distributors In India

By FNN | February 28, 2012, 12:40pm IST

CCI Scores A Landmark Win For Producers And Distributors In IndiaOn February 27, today, UTV Software Communications, Reliance Big Entertainment Ltd, Eros International and FICCI Multiplex Association of India have been granted a relief by CCI (Competition Commission of India) on antiquated laws which restricted production houses with unreasonable hold backs for all other rights outside theatrical rights.

In 2010, UTV had filed a case against distributor associations like KFCC (Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce) for putting a restriction on the number of cinemas to release a non Kannada film and BJMPA (Bihar and Jharkhand Motion Pictures Association) for demanding unreasonable hold backs for registering its films.

It barred studios from exploiting satellite and home video rights in the respective regions and compelled the studio to register films with the trade body and bend to their archaic rules. As a result, this constrained the market access of the studio for unfettered distribution of its films on non theatrical platforms.

The CCI ruled that the anti-competitive behaviour of any entity needs to be condemned heavily for effective function of the market. Further, it said that the associations are taking decisions and engaging in practices which are anti-competitive. Consequently, in Feb 2012, the CCI has imposed a hefty penalty on these distributor associations; to be deposited with immediate effect to the commission. The order clarifies that the associations will have to stop (a) Compelling the producers/distributors/ exhibitors to become their members as a pre-condition for exhibition in their territories; (b) Discrimination between regional and non-regional films and imposing discriminatory conditions against non-regional films; (c) Screen restrictions based on language or manner of exhibition of a film to be done away with; (d) Holdbacks on satellite and home video, with studios are free to decide such holdbacks; (e) Compulsory registration of films as pre-condition to release to be done away with.

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