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Home News Bollywood Industry Saregama India Launches Flavours Of Bollywood

Saregama India Launches Flavours Of Bollywood

By FNN | March 12, 2011, 10:41am IST
Mumbai, March 9, 2011: Saregama India ltd, India’s flagship Music Company, which is constantly innovating with various compilations from its vast repertoire is now launching a very unique album which has selected songs from the many varied styles and genres of Bollywood's music and thus its aptly titled - "Flavours of Bollywood". India is a land famous for its spices and Bollywood which in turn is distinguished by its unique masala filled music. Music has always been a vital ingredient of the overwhelming majority of Bollywood films, and "Flavours of Bollywood" is a compilation that presents a 12-course meal, full of delicious dishes and full-bodied flavors. In more direct words, the album will be covering songs across 12 different genres and will be a 12 CD pack, each CD allotted to a particular genre. If that in itself sounds exciting, don't hold your breath yet, the genres include - the crafted richness of 'Indian classical music', to the incomparable grace of the 'Ghazal', to the utter submission of the 'Bhajan', the swerve and the volley of the 'Kawali', to the rich tradition of 'Folk' music. If all those variations are not enough, then the genre list stretches on to the shoulder shaking, beat breaking "Bhangda", to the harmonious 'Wedding songs', the powerful magnetism of 'Patriotic' songs to some clean, honest, serious 'Fun', the reminiscent melodious - 'Childhood' and the flashing lights of the 'Cabaret' numbers, to the beats of 'Disco' that reach the dancer within us all and get us shaking. The list is indeed long, and all 12 CD’s look promising, having music performed by some of the greatest artists of India. Mohammad Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Kishor Kumar, are well recognized names that only mark the beginning of a long list of other legends that follow and feature on the album, singing some of their most memorable songs. To complete the circle and pay perfect tribute, launching the album "Flavors of Bollywood" will be none other than Mohammed Khaiyyaam Sahab, the genius musical composer whose career spanned for more than four decades and made quite an imprint on Bollywood's musical history. The album is not just a treat, but a full course meal for Indian music listeners. It is a timeless compilation of songs selected from the black and white past of Bollywood music, shedding color on the hazy present. Saregama proves that it surely is amongst those that provide quantity and quality to their buyers, with this new album, rightly so named "Flavors of Bollywood".

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