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Home News Bollywood Industry Salman Khan Starrer READY Fetches Big Price

Salman Khan Starrer READY Fetches Big Price

By FNN | March 10, 2011, 12:05pm IST
The next Salman Khan starrer Ready due for release on 3rd June has fetched a big price for its Indian and Overseas theatrical rights. A major distributing concern from the North has paid around 55 crore for its Indian and Overseas theatrical rights including prints. The P&A is to the producers account so the Worldwide distributor share will have to cross the 55 crore mark for the distributors to make money. The price may seem fair considering the last Salman Khan starrer Dabangg notched up a Worldwide share of around 90 crore but the 55 crore mark has not been crossed by many films, maybe around a dozen. Last year four films had a worldwide share of more than 55 crore. Approx figures for Worldwide distributors share 2010. Dabangg - 90 crore My Name Is Khan - 80 crore Golmaal 3 - 66 crore Raajneeti - 57 crore

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