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Home News Bollywood Industry Ra1 Fetches Highest Satellite Price Ever

Ra1 Fetches Highest Satellite Price Ever

By FNN | March 10, 2011, 12:05pm IST
The Shahrukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor starrer Ra1 has fetched the highest price ever for satellite rights of 35 crore just edging out the 33 crore figure for Three Idiots. The satellite market is buzzing with the three channels Star, Colours and Zee all prepared to pay big money for big budgets star studded films. Star has taken the rights for Ra1 which is the costliest Hindi film ever with a production budget of around 100 crore. Its a sellers market for satellite rights with huge offers coming in for the big films. A film like Housefull 2 which is yet to go on the floors has also been taken by Star for a figure reportedly to be over 25 crore. Desi Boyz and Joker have been taken by Zee for similar prices. Satellite right prices have been on the up turn since early 2010 and seem to be growing at a higher rate than actual theatrical box office growth in India. Its a huge plus for the makers of star studded films as it guarantees a huge sum and is not dependent on content as the theatrical return is. A few years back when there was a downturn, there were clauses which allowed the buyers to adjust the price if the film was not up to the mark but it was a buyers market while today its a complete sellers market with the satellite channels desperate to get their hands on the star studded films at any cost.

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