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Home News Bollywood Industry Ready Is RED HOT Fetches Huge Price In Nizam

Ready Is RED HOT Fetches Huge Price In Nizam

By FNN | April 15, 2011, 3:56pm IST
Ready is red hot in the trade. The Worldwide theatrical rights of the film went for 55 crore and now the Worldwide theatrical right holders have started selling some territories and the first to go was Nizam at 2.75 crore. It is a Super Hit to Blockbuster price for the circuit. The price is huge as only Three Idiots, Dhoom 2, Dabangg and Ghajini have in the history of Hindi cinema managed to recover that sort of money from Nizam. The 55 crore price for Worldwide rights will be looking pretty cheap if the rest of India goes at the ratio of Nizam. If all circuits managed to get sold at the ratio of Nizam then the Worldwide theatrical right holders can expect 56-58 crore back from just India let alone Overseas.

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