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Home News Bollywood Industry Akshay Kumar To Endorse 'Red Label Tea'

Akshay Kumar To Endorse 'Red Label Tea'

By FNN | April 30, 2012, 3:20pm IST
Summary: Akshay Kumar has been signed up as Hindustan Unilever Red Label Tea's Brand Ambassodor

Akshay Kumar To Endorse 'Red Label Tea'Akshay Kumar can be called as someone who has not just changed the rules of the game, but has also rewritten it on his own terms.

He is the khiladi of Bollywood and he has proved it yet again with his Housefull 2's Astounding Success.

According to Funrahi's reliable sources, Akshay Kumar has now been signed up to be the brand ambassador of Hindustan Unilever's 'Red Label Tea' and will be shooting for the commercial today itself.

Akshay Kumar To Endorse 'Red Label Tea'Akshay Kumar To Endorse 'Red Label Tea'

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