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Home News Bollywood Daily Sunny Deol Is Avid Photographer

Sunny Deol Is Avid Photographer

By FNN | March 20, 2011, 11:09pm IST
The picturesque beauty of Varanasi revealed an old secret passion of Sunny Deol. Sunny was found capturing the beauty of Banaras while he was shooting for Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi’s upcoming satire “Mohalla Assi”. Not many are aware that has been a closeted photographer for years now. When he wasn’t facing the camera, he was found imprisoning Banaras' charm through his camera. His camera dangling on his shoulder, kept clicking as and when Sunny ji found the time in between his shots. He has captured many colors of Banaras, the Ganga, different Ghats, the morning ray of brightness, forts etc. A lot can be said about Banaras through his clicks. Says a source from the sets of Mohalla Assi,“Every time Sunny got a chance he would start clicking pictures in his character. Seeing Sunnyji so enthusiastic about photography was a rare sight."

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