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Home News Bollywood Daily Shah Rukh meets Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh

Shah Rukh meets Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh

By FNN | March 19, 2011, 4:13pm IST
Shah Rukh Khan meets India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at a special session today in Delhi, just before the two-day event begins. Says a source, "SRK, who is known for his tardiness, will make an exception by arriving early so he can have a personal interaction with the PM and get clicked with him. He will then be invited on stage to ask a question to Singh after the PM delivers the keynote address." Me, too The source adds that prominent leaders from various fields of politics, sports, entertainment, arts, culture and socio-economic areas in India and across the globe are invited for the enclave. After the inaugural address is over Shah Rukh himself will be the key speaker on The Arts Dialogue (session chairperson is actress and TV host Koel Purie Rinchet) where he will talk on movies, life and making movies work in a brand new decade, followed by a Q & A interactive session with the audience.

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