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Home News Bollywood Daily Imran's first intimate scene in a bathroom

Imran's first intimate scene in a bathroom

By FNN | March 19, 2011, 4:14pm IST
Imran Khan gets seduced in the unlikeliest of places for 'Short Term Shaadi' a bathroom cubicle Imran Khan will play an unwilling object of seduction in Shakun Batra's Short Term Shaadi. In a bathroom, no less! The seductress will be played by starlet Soniya Mehra. A source states, "Since this will be Imran's first such scene, producer Karan Johar and director Batra had to explain and convince him to do the scene, which was shot on sets." IK's character Rahul is an obsessive-compulsive architect who can't tolerate anything out of place from the crease on his pants to the right amount of shine on his shoes. Imagine his predicament when faced with the possibility of making out in a closed space a bathroom cubicle teeming with germs! The source continues, "In this scene, he's on a date with Soniya's character, who's wearing a short outfit. She gets frisky with him, following him to the men's loo, even into the cubicle he is in. She pushes him against the wall, trying to undress him, licking and kissing him at the same time! The scene begins with a naughty mood and ends quite comically." Turn-off The more she tries to get it on, the more he freaks out. Finally, he turns on the shower, aiming it at her. A drenched Soniya looks at him, stunned. The inspiration for Imran's character? Apparently, the actor is like that in real life. "Shakun simply observed these traits, incorporated them in STS and exaggerated them for effect."

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