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Home News Bollywood Daily Sagarika Ghatge files a case against a real estate firm

Sagarika Ghatge files a case against a real estate firm

By Mid-Day | May 1, 2013, 6:22pm IST
Summary: Sagarika Ghatge recently filed a case against a real estate company who have been using her pictures for hoardings and ads after her contract with them expired.

The actress had signed a contract with the company for two years (2010-11). But she was shocked to see her snapshots in the ads on the front page of leading newspapers.

Says a source, "Her contract expired in mid-2011. She tried settling the matter amicably but since there was no response from their side, she had to file a case."

Sagarika says, "Yes, a case has been filed but since I am not in Mumbai, my manager is taking care of the issue. The company is still using my pictures even after my contract with them has expired."

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