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Home News Bollywood Daily Huma Qureshi pulls off a car stunt for her new film

Huma Qureshi pulls off a car stunt for her new film

By Mid-Day | May 1, 2013, 6:31pm IST

Director Nikhil Advani and his crew had arranged for a body double for an action sequence in his film

But actress Huma Qureshi insisted on doing it herself.

A unit member says, "We were rehearsing a tough scene with Huma's body double. The shot required her to drive a car through a gate. However during the rehearsals, the stunt girl had a car collision and hurt herself. Huma watched it and decided to do the scene herself."

Nikhil says, "The car sequence was an essential part of a scene but I do not believe in compromising an actor's safety for it. But Huma was determined."

The actress says, "Actors don't do stunts often because they are not trained to do them. However I wasn't trying to act heroic. I just felt that I could do it."

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