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Home News Bollywood Daily Saqib Saleem feels his sister Huma Qureshi is his best critic

Saqib Saleem feels his sister Huma Qureshi is his best critic

By Mid-Day | April 22, 2013, 6:17pm IST
Summary: Forget about reviews by a critic, Saqib Saleem feels he has one right at home - his sister Huma Qureshi! She is known to be quite protective about her brother and even takes interest in his B-Town outings.

Says Saqib, "She is a friend and my best critic as well. We are lucky that both of us have been appreciated for our work so far.

Huma and I make it a point not to praise each other. We pinpoint each other's flaws first. We believe that like charity, criticism too should begin at home."

The young actor also says that it was his sister's interest in theatre that drew him to Bollywood. "I was playing cricket in Delhi and Bollywood was nowhere in my radar. Huma is a very hardworking, spontaneous and a sincere actor."

The duo that live together spend a lot of time watching and discussing films. But does he get upset reading about his sister's alleged romantic dalliances? He says, "We signed on for this. Whenever I read a gossip article I call her up and tease her about it. She too returns the favour (laughs out loud)."

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