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Home News Bollywood Daily Govinda wants to become more media-friendly

Govinda wants to become more media-friendly

By Mid-Day | April 22, 2013, 12:42pm IST
Summary: Govinda is keen for an image change. At an event to launch a reality show he is judging the actor said, "Throughout my life people have asked me why I did not build relations with the media.

Well, I was a gawaar in my starting days and that reflected even in my dealings with the press. But I have improved and want to get better. I like the way younger actors maintain their relations with the press.

There's so much to learn. "But nevertheless Govinda's star power was on full display at the event held at a Juhu five-star. Guests from a party in the adjoining banquet hall entered the press conference just to get a glimpse of the star!

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