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Bollywood Case Files

By FNN | February 23, 2012, 9:27am IST

Bollywood Case FilesWhile Saif Ali Khan faces alleged assault charges, several other Bollywood folk have fallen in trouble with the law. Find out the current status of court cases against some of Hindi film industry's big stars...

Bollywood Case FilesFame is not always a good thing, and Bollywood heroes/heroines accused of alleged villainous acts in real life would agree.

Bollywood Case FilesSome say stars get away easily thanks to their celebrity status, while some others say that they are unfairly targetted because they are popular.

Bollywood Case FilesHere are some of the infamous cases where our actors have courted crime and controversy and where their cases stand as of today.

Bollywood Case FilesSalman Khan

Bollywood Case FilesCase: Black Buck poaching- 1998

Bollywood Case FilesStatus: Ongoing

Salman Khan has been playing hide-n-seek with the black buck case for the past 14 years. The actor was accused of killing two endangered Chinkaras and two Black Bucks in Jodhpur during the shoot of his film Hum Saath Saath Hain for which he even spent a few nights in jail in 2006. Last we heard was that the court had ordered a day-to-day hearing of the case in 2011 where Salman was expected to be present. The next hearing of the case is awaited.

Case: Culpable Homicide- 2002

Status: Case closed

There's a reason perhaps why Khan is sticking to the cycle these days. The actor was accused of culpable homicide after he allegedly drove over one and injured three pavement dwellers one night, under the influence of alcohol. However he successfully defended himself and the charges were dropped.

Shiney Ahuja

Case: Charges of rape - 2009

Status: Ongoing

It's a case that generated more number of jokes on the internet, than perhaps the hearing dates. The actor spent over three-and-a-half months in jail after his house help accused him of rape and threatening her. However, in 2010 the victim all of a sudden retracted her statement saying he did not rape her. He was eventually sentenced to seven years of rigorous imprisonment in 2011. He is now out on bail and cannot leave the country without the court's permission.

Sanjay Dutt

Case: Illegal arms possession- 1993

Status: Ongoing

This is perhaps one of the longest running cases in the history of any film actor's life. Sanjay Dutt was arrested in 1993 under TADA (Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act) and for illegal possession of weapons. The actor spent 16 months in jail between 1995-1997 and another seven months between 2006-2007, though he was eventually acquitted of any TADA related offenses in 2006. He was granted bail in the arms case in November 2007; his appeal for an acquittal on the case is still pending. It also turned out to be the reason why Dutt could not contest for the Samajwadi Party for an election three years back.

John Abraham

Case: Rash driving- 2006

Staus: Ongoing

Bikes have been his first love and also the reason he has been embroiled in one of the most serious rash driving cases. The actor was accused of causing an accident and injuring two young men when he rammed his motorcycle into a cyclist at 11 pm on Khar-Danda Road in 2006. He was later out on bail. In August 2011, John filed a application in the sessions court praying for the recording of additional evidence.

Fardeen Khan

Case: Illegal possession of cocaine- 2001

Status: Ongoing

Fardeen Khan was arrested in 2001 for possessing illegal amounts of cocaine along with two others. Khan then claimed he had attempted to buy only one gram of cocaine, while the Narcotics Control Bureau alleged that nine-gram of the substance was found from Khan and others. However, in October 2011 Khan pleaded not guilty as court framed charges of him attempting to buy one gram of cocaine.

Preity Zinta

Case: Concealing financial position of Kings XI Punjab- 2009

Status: Case closed

In 2009 Preity Zinta along with three other co-owners of Kings XI Punjab were accused of trying to hide the real financial position of the team. Zinta eventually filed a counter-petition stating that the court should have run an enquiry before filing a complaint. The case was shut in 2011 where the HC asked the two parties to settle the matter amongst themselves.

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