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Home News Bollywood Daily Sushant Singh takes a local train ride

Sushant Singh takes a local train ride

By Mid-Day | May 1, 2013, 5:33pm IST
Summary: The actor took a train ride home on the last day of Vikram Bhatt's upcoming film.

Sushant Singh and director Vishal Pandya chose to take a local train from the outskirts of Mumbai to the city during the last schedule of their upcoming revenge drama.

A source says, "It was the last day of the shoot and the entire crew had a gala time on the sets in Nalasopara. We all had a small celebration which went on till the wee hours of morning So by the time we left, it was very late and since we used to travel together and had fun we asked Sushant and director Vishal to join us in our regular train journey. Both of them loved the idea and enjoyed their journey as the train was almost empty."

Vishal admits to having had a great experience. He says, "We say travelling when you're young is a part of education and as you grow older, it becomes a part of experience. Reaching the railway station at 5 am and seeing the unit waiting there for the train and pushing each other just to get the window seat was fun. We hope to do the same again soon."

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