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Home News Bollywood Daily Nikhil Dwivedi takes up rifle shooting lessons for his film

Nikhil Dwivedi takes up rifle shooting lessons for his film

By Mid-Day | April 29, 2013, 1:12pm IST
Summary: Nikhil Dwivedi who is shooting for Bharat Ratan's film has to shoot for several scenes which involve him firing a rifle as well as pistol.

To add authenticity to it, the actor has been attending rifle shooting classes.

Says a source, "Nikhil who plays a sharpshooter is getting the hang of it at a shooting academy in Worli where ex-police and cops in service comes to practice. Nikhil has been enjoying shooting so much that he regular attends classes every Sunday. He will continue his training for three months."

The film is apparently based on Abu Salem and Monica Bedi's life and some portions of the film were shot last year. "Another shoot schedule begins soon for which Nikhil has been practising," adds the source.

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