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Home News Bollywood Daily Shahid Kapoor invited brother Ishaan to the Lakme Fashion Week

Shahid Kapoor invited brother Ishaan to the Lakme Fashion Week

By FNN | March 30, 2013, 3:27pm IST

In Pic (L-R) : Shahid Kapoor with his younger brother Ishaan

Shahid Kapoor walked the ramp after six years and the only family member he invited for the show was his brother Ishaan.

The actor did not have time, of late, to catch up with the youngster due to his busy schedule.

Shahid was shooting in Bhuj with Sonakshi Sinha and later in Cape Town for another shoot. So Ishaan accompanied Shahid during his trials backstage.

A birdie overheard Ishaan telling designer Kunal Rawal to custom make two jackets for him! Hmmm...

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