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Home News Bollywood Daily Ameesha: Sanjay is loving and caring Brother!

Ameesha: Sanjay is loving and caring Brother!

By FNN | February 18, 2012, 10:24am IST

Ameesha: Sanjay is loving and caring Brother!Ameesha Patel rubbishes reports claiming her relationship with Sanjay and Maanayata Dutt have soured

Ameesha Patel is miffed with the buzz about her relationship with Sanjay and Maanayata Dutt going sour. Trashing the reports of the senior actor touching her inappropriately and commenting on her outfit at Rohit Dhawan's wedding in Goa, the actress maintains, "The relationship Sanjay, Maanayata and I share is too rock solid for anyone to destroy over a costume."

Dismissing stories of her questioning Dutt on his right to comment on her outfit, Ameesha states, "I'm lucky to have someone like Sanjay who is so protective and caring. He has never misbehaved with me. He's the sort of guy who doesn't want me to do films. He feels I'm too sophisticated to work in the industry, like he doesn't want his daughter to work in the industry."

The actress further says that Dutt would like to see her married to a super wealthy man and live a royal life. "He treats Maanayata like a princess. He's told me that he would like his kids and my kids to go on a holiday together," she asserts.

While Ameesha takes pride in her "sexy body" and likes to dress the way she wants, she concedes, "For Sanjay even a jeans and shirt is something he can't handle. He treats me like a sister and when I go over to his home, I should be dressed in salwar kameez. He's protective about the women in his life and he doesn't even like me to do stage shows," she says, feeling privileged that in an industry where "people don't give a damn about anyone," Dutt is "loving and caring" as a brother.

Dismissing notions about consequent issues with Maanayata, the actress counters, "If that was the case, why am I at their parties? I was at the Agneepath party 10 days ago. What was I doing there when Hrithik Roshan who's in the film was not there?"

Ameesha who is turning producer with her maiden venture this year also rubbishes reports of the actor refusing to work in her movie. "Sanjay is family and I would never take him for granted. Though if I approach him for a film, he'd never say no to me," says the actress maintaining that the script for the film to be directed by David Dhawan is not ready. "I want to correct what has happened. Something so simple has been blown out of proportion," she concludes.

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