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TUSSLE on between Deepika and Taurani

By FNN | February 18, 2012, 3:59pm IST
Deepika Padukone may be currently busy preparing for her part opposite Rajinikanth in Tamil flick Kochadaiyaan. However, her Race 2 producer Ramesh Taurani has not yet lost hopes of pulling her back in his Abbas-Mustan thriller.

"Yes, even though Taurani has been uncharacteristically vocal about his outburst against Deepika, he is still carrying a desire in his heart to rope her back into Race 2. He may have called her 'unprofessional' and 'unethical' but as a producer he hasn't let his own emotions come in the way of his business decisions", informs a source.

As is a known fact, once Deepika decided to walk out of Race 2 citing reasons like 'her four months had already been wasted waiting for the film' and 'now she had to concentrate on her newer projects', Taurani had filed a case in AMPTPP (Association of Motion Pictures & T.V. Programme Producers) and CINTAA (Cine & TV Artistes Association).

"Many felt that he had done so in order to 'pull Deepika down' or ask her to compensate him for the days that she had already shot for the film and monetary losses that he may have to suffer before a new actress is roped in. However the truth of the matter is that he wants these associations to persuade Deepika into joining the cast of Race 2", the source continues.

Though one waits to see if the decision indeed goes in his favour, if at all this happens it would indeed be a first in the recent history of Bollywood. Reason being that one hardly remembers any actor returning for the shoot of a film after walking out of it, regardless of a project being as big as Race 2 or something far smaller.

"Well, I am looking at both eventualities", says Taurani, "The verdict could be in anyone's favour. If it goes in our favour, she would return. We would know that in a week's time from now."

He isn't fretting much about the delay caused in the meantime. "We are already shooting for the film with other actors and the next schedule would begin in April", he says. It would be perhaps then when Deepika would join the cast all over again if she goes on to lose the case.

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