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Home News Bollywood Daily Who is the leading lady in Shekhar Suman's film?

Who is the leading lady in Shekhar Suman's film?

By FNN | March 30, 2013, 9:03pm IST
Summary: Shekhar Suman has decided to keep the identity of the heroine in his directorial debut under wraps.

In Pic (L-R): Shekhar Suman with son Adhyayan

This looks like yet another promotional strategy by Shekhar Suman for his upcoming directorial debut. Suman has apparently ordered his crew to keep mum about the identity of the heroine in the film, even though the shooting schedules are almost done.

Earlier, there were reports that Sunny Leone was being considered to play the lead opposite the actor-turned-director's son Adhyayan. Later, there were even rumours of Brazilian starlet Giselle Monteiro (of Love Aaj Kal fame) playing the part but it seems Suman later changed his mind.

"Now that the film is complete, the girl's identity will be disclosed but the director has instructed the whole team to wait for the right time to do so. In fact, the girl isn't allowed to speak about her debut in Bollywood," says a source. On his heroine's identity, Suman says, "She's a gorgeous girl and we have found her after several rounds of auditions. I'm glad she has done a brilliant job in the film."

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