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Karan Johars Twitter Account Hacked

By FNN | February 12, 2012, 6:33pm IST
Karan Johar is the latest celebrity to enter the list of victims whose twitter account has been hacked. Along with Karan, even actor-producer Kamaal R Khan's twitter account got hacked. While the hacker posted lewd tweets from KRK's account, from Karan's account direct messages were sent out.

Their accounts were hacked on Thursday but were recovered later in the day. Clearing the air on his tweets, Karan tweeted "So something weird happening to my Twitter account. Its sending random DM's to the twitterati. Please be warned. Even KRK's account is hacked!"

KRK also apologized for the demeaning tweets sent by his impersonator. He tweeted, "Friends I have just got back my account. I am really sorry for all the bad tweets since morning. Thank GOD I got it"

The accounts of Bollywood celebs like Neil Nitin Mukesh, Mahesh Bhatt, Arbaaz Khan and the late Shammi Kapoor have been hacked in the past.

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