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Home News Bollywood Movies Preity Zinta shoots 'Ishq In Paris' in minus 21 degrees

Preity Zinta shoots 'Ishq In Paris' in minus 21 degrees

By FNN | February 28, 2012, 12:10pm IST
MUMBAI: Preity Zinta has wrapped up the first schedule of her debut production "Ishq In Paris" and says it was a pleasure to shoot with the French and Indian crew in temperatures as low as minus 21 degrees Celsius.

"I'd like to thank the French crew for all their effort and hard work and all the wonderful fans who came to the shoot and were so co-operative! Big thank you to Indian crew for shooting in -21 degrees and never complaining. Its amazing how we don't realise our own toughness sometimes! Ting," Preity posted on her Twitter page.

"Ishq In Paris" is an Indo-French production, directed by Prem Soni. The cast and crew were busy shooting in the French capital for the movie, which will see the actress in the role of a half-Indian half-French girl who falls in love in Paris.

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