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Check out Rog from 7 Welcome to London!

By FNN | February 28, 2012, 5:44pm IST

Check out the newest song from 7 Welcome to London. Titled ‘ROG', the fab song was sung by Falak, who is also the voice behind the hit songs ‘Tera Saath Ho' and ‘Mera Mann' also from the upcoming romantic thriller.

The music video shows debut actor Asad Shan in a white T-shirt with the number '7′ written across the chest. Shan gave us some inside scoop into the use of the number 7, “The title is different and has intrigued many people and captured their imagination. Everyone in this world has a favourite number that they believe is connected to their fate or destiny.

“For me, that number is seven, whatever I have done in my life has always had some connection to that number,” he further added.

The video for ‘ROG' was shot at a number of locations in and around London and according to Shan “it has an upbeat tempo that will make you sing aloud and get your dancing shoes on.”

The British Hindi romantic thriller is scheduled to release March 9!

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