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Home News Bollywood Movies Abhishek-Kangna-Sarah shoot for Game's music video

Abhishek-Kangna-Sarah shoot for Game's music video

By FNN | March 5, 2011, 7:53am IST
Abhishek Bachchan along with co-stars Kangna Ranaut and Sarah Jane Dias shot for an end credits video ('Kaun Hai Ajnabee' track) for Excel Entertainment's next action thriller Game. Just like his well-received 'Right Here Right Now' track in Bluffmaster (2005), the makers of Game feel this music video will also get the audience thumping. Explains the director Abhinay Deo, "It is extremely stylish and slick along with a mystical quality. It gels with Abhishek's persona in the film. We have not made him do heavy duty dance steps; it is all about his attitude. And Kangna and Sarah match him in it." Shot at Mehboob Studios, the choreography for music video has been done by Shiamak Davar. Says Shiamak," I loved working with Abhishek, who is my favourite person, Abhinay Deo a very talented director and Kangna and Sarah who are both adorable to work with. It was something different that I did and loved doing every bit of it." The styling for the video has been done by Shyamali Arora while the music is by Shankar Ehsaan Loy.

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