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Home News Bollywood Movies Big B insists on re-shoot for a scene from 'Aarakshan'

Big B insists on re-shoot for a scene from 'Aarakshan'

By FNN | March 19, 2011, 3:55pm IST
Asks reluctant Prakash Jha to shoot a scene from Aarakshan again as he was not satisfied with his earlier performance Jha, who is known to be austere with takes and re-takes, literally baulked at the thought of re-shooting even a single shot with the actor. Says a source from the unit, "When Mr Bachchan requested that they re-shoot some of the portions of the film, Jha's first reaction was to not even consider the thought. But Mr Bachchan pursued the matter with the director. There was one particular dramatic sequence with Saif and another actor that specially bothered Mr Bachchan. He felt he hadn't performed it to the best of his abilities." Finally Jha had no choice but to relent. "The entire sequence was shot again. Other actors were co-ordinated with to match the dates and the set was put up once again. Strangely it was a sequence where Bachchan's character gets humiliated. Any actor would've cringed at the thought of re-visiting that harrowing sequence but Bachchan not only persuaded Jha he also convinced Saif that the sequence needed to be re-done," the source elaborated. Jha admits that Big B's re-shooting suggestion has done the film a wealth of good. He said, "I've always been a big fan of Bachchan Saab. Now I admire him even more. To me every shot he did was exactly right. But he insisted that he can perform this particular sequence better. Initially I didn't agree and had any other artiste had requested the same I'd have refused, but coming from Bachchan Saab, the request had to be serious entertained." After the shooting just before leaving Bhopal Big B's Aarakshan co-star Saif Ali Khan sent an sms to Jha which said it all. 'Learnt A Lot From The Lion'. When asked about the re-shoot the Big B replied nonchalantly, "Yes when I'm not happy with my effort I request if I could re-do the scene. No big deal. I'm fortunate if my directors comply. Prakashji did and I'm grateful." Apparently Big B sat up for three nights to get the monologue pitch-perfect in the re-shoot. He paced up and down in his hotel-room going over the lines like a newcomer. Says Jha, "I had heard of Bachchan Saab's dedication but now I've seen his passion for work as well. When there were breaks in the shooting schedule for a few days I'd suggest him to go back to Mumbai. But he refused. 'Let those who want to meet me come here. Main kahan jaaonga?' He loved Bhopal and he wanted to stay close to his character and the film uninterrupted."

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