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No Erotic Scenes for Karisma in Dangerous Ishq

By FNN | February 16, 2012, 8:08pm IST
In early years of her career, she may have gone 'Sexy Sexy Sexy Mujhe Log Bole' or 'Sarkaile Lo Khatiya' with aplomb. However, Karisma Kapoor is sure that her comeback vehicle would be as clean as possible even though the director at the helm of affairs, Vikram Bhatt, has announced loud and clear that 'creating sensation' is the name of the game today in Bollywood. Dangerous Ishq promises to 'sensationalize' affairs as well though, the director as well as the leading lady is on the same page that 'erotica' won't have any place for that here.

"In the film, there may be multiple men (Rajneesh Duggall, Jimmy Sheirgill, Ruslaan Mumtaz) in Karisma's life but none of the episodes would feature anything that would be dare-bare. Karisma would never do anything at this age which would embarrass her or her family", says a common friend, "She holds her dignity quite high and one of the major reasons for her comeback film to be delayed was the fact that she wanted to do the film on her own terms. Though she can still give any other heroine of today a run for the money, getting into skin show is out of her equation."

This also means that for Vikram it was a task in hand as his last few films have included erotic elements and he has made no bones about that in his other upcoming projects either.

"His last success Haunted had its fair share of erotica while Red stays on to be one of his most erotic affairs as it featured a three way seduction amongst his protagonists", says a close associate of Vikram, "Even his earlier films like Raaz, Kasoor and Fareb revolved on erotica and going by the stills of Raaz 3, he is pretty much following suit in his future assignments too. However he has made an exception with Dangerous Ishq as he as well as Karisma felt that it was unnecessary."

This means that even though the films where he is just a producer, whether it is Lanka, Hate Story or 1920 - Evil Returns, have scenes that aid the erotic quotient, when it comes to Dangerous Ishq, it is romance and thrills that take centre-stage.

"That's true, in fact it is being wrongly reported in some sections that Dangerous Ishq is an erotic thriller. For the records, it isn't it. Also, contrary to speculations, it doesn't have any horror element either", says Vikram. He adds with a smile, "In fact my daughter can't believe that I have made a film that doesn't have any such elements. She teases me that I have made a U/A film after a long time."

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