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Home News Bollywood Movies Double treat for Rajinikanth fans in 'Kochadaiyaan'

Double treat for Rajinikanth fans in 'Kochadaiyaan'

By Mid-Day | April 22, 2013, 11:42am IST
Summary: The first poster of 3D animated film starring the Tamil superstar Rajinikanth is out. The actor is shown in two different avatars. Here's a look...

Rajinikanth in 'Kochadaiyaan' poster

The Tamil superstar's daughter Soundarya posted the poster on her micro-blogging page which has Rajni in two different looking characters, reportedly Kochadaiyaan and his son Rana.

While Kochadaiyaan stands armoured being the loyal commander of a great emperor, son Rana who is a warrior looks larger than life with Rajini sporting a six-pack abs!

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