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Home News Bollywood Movies "Thank You is not No Entry Part 2" - Anees Bazmee

"Thank You is not No Entry Part 2" - Anees Bazmee

By FNN | March 6, 2011, 10:19am IST
The prolific writer-director Anees Bazmee has never been busier, so much so that he has been flying back-and-forth between Bangkok and Mumbai shooting Ready with Salman Khan in Bangkok and supervising the post-production of Thank You in Mumbai. In fact Anees had to leave the shooting of a song with Salman and Asin in the hands of choreographer Raju Khan in Bangkok to be in Mumbai. The last thing Anees needs is for party-poopers to rain on his parade. Upset with stories about certain irregularities on his sets Anees speaks out. "I read that my script for Thank You is actually the script that I wrote for the sequel to No Entry. Ab aap bataayiye, am I so foolish that I'd just mix 'n' match scripts with projects like women colour-coordinate their clothes? And if I had actually given over the script of No Entry Mein Entry (No Entry 2) to another producer would Boney Kapoor (the No Entry producer) have been happy with me?" Not waiting for an answer Anees continues, "For the record, the script of No Entry Mein Entry is in progress. The idea for Thank You came to me when I was shooting a song with Akshay Kumar and Katrina in Egypt. We decided then and there to make Thank You." The film was to originally star Katrina with Akshay before Sonam Kapoor stepped in. Continues Anees, "Some people are spreading these baseless stories about my projects. They won't spare a bachcha like Aarya Babbar either. Some people wrote he abandoned my location in Bangkok for Ready to join Shirish Kunder and Farah Khan in Chandigarh for Shirish's Joker because they are like his family. For the record, even our unit is like one big family. Aarya did not desert our shooting. He left when there was a break, and with my permission. Please spare the boy. He's trying to establish himself." Says Anees angrily, "I've two big back-to-back releases first Thank You and then Ready. I suppose that's too much for my well-wishers to digest. I request them to let me do my work in peace. The rest I leave to God and the audience."

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