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Home News Bollywood Industry CINEMAX Announces 5th Chapter Of Its Marathi Film Festival

CINEMAX Announces 5th Chapter Of Its Marathi Film Festival

By FNN | March 20, 2011, 11:15pm IST
Cinemax announced the launch of the 5th chapter of its prestigious annual Marathi Film Festival in Maharashtra. The festival was inaugurated in Mumbai at Cinemax Versova by National award winner Mr. Upendre Limaye. The festival commenced with a special screening of the much acclaimed film ‘Pangira’ with its entire star cast in attendance. This week long festival will showcase Marathi cinema’s most popular contemporary movies across various genres. These encompass comic blockbusters such as Huppa Huyya and Ideachi Kalpana, Paaradh, Lalbaug Parel, Chal De Dhar Pakad and Manya – The Wonder Boy in the drama genre and the internationally acclaimed Mee Sindhutai Sapkal. The Marathi Film Festival will be celebrated across all Cinemax locations in Maharashtra – for theatres in Mumbai, Nagpur, Nashik as well as Malegaon. Commenting on this occasion Sunil Punjabi, CEO, Cinemax stated, “Cinemax has a strong-hold in Maharashtra and we have always been in the fore-front of promoting regional cinema. Cinemax is the only multiplex to host such a festival across the state, and the success for this festival is clearly evident as we step into our fifth year of celebrating Marathi cinema. Such initiatives reinforce our connect with our patrons and we are sure this festival will be enjoyed by all.”

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