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Home News Bollywood Industry Cinemax Announces Launch Of Cinemax Movie Marathon

Cinemax Announces Launch Of Cinemax Movie Marathon

By FNN | March 6, 2011, 7:19pm IST
Mumbai, March 5, 2011: Cinemax, one of the leading multiplexes in India, announced the launch of Cinemax Movie Marathon - the first ever month-long national film festival for smash hit films. Cinemax has always aimed to offer its patrons a complete cinematic viewing experience with state-of the art technology, and the Movie Marathon will serve as an entertainment delight for all movie patrons. The month-long movie marathon is theme-based and has been calibrated as such for four weeks. Week One is the first ever “Sci-Fi” movie festival showcasing the best of Hollywood science fiction like Inception, Avatar and 2012. Week Two is dedicated to the evergreen and nationally applauded Tamil superstar Rajnikant. The “Rajnikant Film Festival” will screen movies like Robot & Sivaji-The boss. Cinemax has always been in the fore-front when promoting regional cinema. One of the main highlights of the Cinemax movie marathon will be "the pan India Regional Film Festival" in Week Three. The Regional Festival will span 4 states, 10 different locations and will showcase 28 popular regional movies in four different languages –Marathi (Maharashtra), Telugu (Hyderabad), Malayalam (Cochin) and Bengali (Siliguri). Some of the movies to be showcased include Pangira, Ideachi Kalpana, Magadheera, Maryada Ramanna, Mommy & Me, Pokkri Raja, Ekti Tarar Khoje, Autograph, and Challenge. The Cinemax movie marathon will conclude with the first ever "Multilingual Film Festival" in week four. Commenting on this occasion Girish S. Wankhede, Deputy General Manager, Public Relation & Communication and Supriya Bambawale, Head – Marketing, Cinemax stated, "We are extremely proud to announce the first ever Cinemax Movie Marathon being organised at a Pan India level. We are the first multiplex chain to organise a month long activity of this scale. The movie marathon will offer audiences a chance to revisit the thrill of some of the most popular movies in the recent times. Such initiatives strengthen our connection with the audience and we are sure this festival will be a tremendous success."

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